Insight Görüntü Aktarma Sistemi

  • 5G FHD Dijital görüntü aktarma
  • 1920*1080@60fps’ye kadar giriş ve çıkış (Input/ Output) desteği
  • 5G Radyo teknolojisini kullanabilme,Tx güç 100mw (CE ve FCC sertifikasyonlu)
  • 5db yöneltmesiz anten (standart) ile yer kontrolü;Alıcı verici mesafesi : 2-3 km arasında
  • 14 db yöneltmeli anten (özelleştirilmiş) ile yer kontrolü; Alıcıverici mesafesi : 5 km’ye kadar


Teklif İste

5G FHD Digital video transmission
Input support up to 1920*1080@60fps,Output support up to 1920*1080@30fps
Use the 5G radio technology, TX power 100mw(CE certification and FCC certification)
Ground control with the 5db omnidirectional antenna (standard),transmission distance over 2-3 km
Ground control with the 14db directional antenna(custom), transmission distance over 5km



Input and Output:
-  HDMI Input
-  5G WI-FI FHD Output: Android phone, Pad can be used as a monitor after connected the APP
-  Anti-interference
-  Up link/Down link Using MIMO multi antenna technology and OFDM modulation mode, with advanced algorithms, and effectively improve the stability of the system data bandwidth and complex environment, improve the dynamic performance of the system
-  Down link real-time monitoring of each channel interference state, dynamic selection of optimal channel work (up to 24 transmission channels) supporting up to 24 devices working at the same time
-  Low latency
-  System maximum time delay 80ms



OSD function
-  Built in OSD function, you can achieve the information function with the APM pixw pix without the external OSD
-  Bundled flight controller
-  Without any restrictions on the APM pixw APP pix built-in digital transmission
-  Multiple mode and information secure
-  Ground side can link over two devices
-  To ensure that information only through the ground side of the authorized frequency of the encryption transmission video data can be received



Battery and charge
-  Ground side built-in 1300mAh large capacity battery, the device can work continuously for 2 hours, can be charged by power bank
-  Sky control input voltage 5-18V